Marsha Lynn Hudson Photography

Located at 888 West Sam Houston Pkwy. South in West Houston- near Briar Forest and Sam Houston Pkwy



Some Important Studio Policies/Procedures/Fees/Refund Policy- Please Read.

Hours of Operation

Closed on Mondays- We do not do photo sessions on Mondays. We do our in-house business.

Meet clients- Tuesday - Thursday ( 8:30a.m.- 6:30p.m.)- daylight savings time.

Evening hours- Wednesday and Thursday until  7p.m. ( our late meeting days)

Some Saturdays if we are not shooting.  We do not shoot on Fridays. We are closed on Fridays to get ready for weekends.

Sundays- 1 Sunday a month. ( this varies).

* If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, you will have to reschedule. No exceptions!

All meetings by appointment only

Your first consultation is complimentary. If you have to have another consultation because you want other people to be there, the fee is $50.


 Our Team

Lead Photographer- Marsha Hudson

Lead Videographer- Malcolm Hudson

Lead Make Up Artists- Pat Rock

Assistant Shooters:

Frank Wahol

Randyl Kerr

Rosie Turner



Texting and Calling

I welcome your texts with any questions. You can also call me. I am very quick to get back to you. I answer texts and calls from

9a.m. - 7:30p.m. weekdays.  I am very fast if you text me at 832.860.3080.



In Studio/Location/ Permit fees

We shoot in the studio and we have backgrounds. We also shoot on location. Session fees vary for location.

In the case of rain or inclement weather, we will reschedule your shoot to fit both schedules.

Some locations around Houston require the photographer to have a one day permit. The client is responsible

for the fee--however the photographer will secure the permit and give to the client with receipt on the day of the shoot.

Some common location fees are: 

Hermann Park Gardens  $65.  

City Center   $ 50  

These are fees that are to be paid to the location site for shooting on their property.

The photographer has locations all around Houston that are free!




To book or reserve a date for a session, the session fee ( starts at $125)  is paid in advance.

If you miss your session, your fee can be applied to a new date. You can reschedule one time without any penalties.

There are no refunds on session fees. This fee books your date and we cannot

schedule anyone else for the date.

When you book and get a session with us, we own the copyright, but we do sell you the usage and printing rights.

We do have the option of using your images on our site for business and advertising purposes in our office or website.



 Refunds- We do not give refunds on photo or website services ( unless there is a memory card failure and loss of images or any fault of ours).

We do not give refunds on sessions. If we do retouching and you want a chance in your retouching--we can adjust this. We can also give you your images un-retouched.

We do not give refunds if there is nothing wrong with your images. We do not allow you to take pictures with your cell phone during our session.

We do not do re-shoots due to a client not liking their hair, clothes or makeup. A re-shoot is a full session that is $275.

If you see an error in your order or print selection-- let us know within 2 days after receiving your order and we will correct it. If for some reason your images are destroyed on a memory card ( out of our control) this is when you get a refund.

Your shoot/session ( you didn't like how your hair or clothes looked)

We will do our best to work with you to shoot in a location that you like. If we do a shoot, and you do

not like how you looked or how your hair or clothes looked --know that is not a photographer error.

If you want a re-shoot because you did not like how you looked, you will have to pay for another session fee.

We will only do a complimentary re-shoot if the error was on our end--like bad lighting or faulty / loss of images on a memory card.



Makeup Artist/Hair

We have a great make up artist and hair stylist. These people are reliable, timely and offer great service. If you choose to use our artists, we will help

you set up the appointments. Make up can be done at the studio one hour before your shoot. The hair stylist is about 15 minutes from studio.

Ask us about makeup and hair. You must book them ahead of time.



Our Referral Program

We like to thank those of you who refer us to others. We have a referral program where you can get gift cards, cash or complimentary products.

We are here to serve you!