How to Prepare for Your Professional Headshot

kim f headshots (12).JPG

It has been said that you should not judge

a book by it's cover. Well, the truth of the matter is...

People do judge a book by it's cover. 

8  Tips on how to put your best "face" and " brand" forward when preparing for a professional head shot.

1. Go ahead and prepare to invest in yourself. Hire a professional photographer for your headshot or professional portrait. Having your friend shoot your headshot with the IPhone just won't get it. If you want to appear professional. Splurge a little. The investment will be worth it


2. Have a pre-consultation ( in person or on the phone) with your photographer before the shoot. The professional photographer can advise you on places to shoot ( in studio, outdoors or at your office) and what colors to wear to compliment you along with discuss how your images will be used and what is your purpose for the headshot session.


3. Make sure you feel comfortable and you feel good in the clothes you choose. Most photographers will let you choose 2 looks. You wear one outfit and then bring a jacket or sweater for your second look. The clothes are important, but not as important as how you feel.4. Lighting is key to looking your best. Off camera lights should be used to give your look the professional edge. The professional photographer will most likely use 1-2 lights for your shoot.Light gives dimension and as you can see with this model--the light gives confidence and power.

4. The eyes are the most important feature in a headshot. The focus is always on the eyes. Before your shoot, get some sleep and drink plenty of water. Keep those eyes looking great.


5. Your hair is important. Make sure you have the look you like. For guys, it is good to get a fresh cut one week before shoot ( not one day) and for ladies, get your hair colored and styled in a way that makes you feel good.

6. Makeup is key to a good professional headshot. If you are good at applying a natural look then that's great. If not, we have a make up artist at an additional cost to do your make up at our studio. The investment will enhance your look.

7.  Today's professional headshots are not the same old boring shoots from years ago. While some professionals like a nice background in the studio, others are fine with an open background. It is good to match the background with the purpose of the shoot. We use black, white and grey, blue and an array of backgrounds. We can discuss which one is best for your needs. We also shoot outdoors.

8. Arrive at least 10 minutes early for your session. We book sessions back to back, and it is important to be on time. You don't want to feel rushed. We have a place for you to refresh yourself at our studio. We have water and cold beverages and a nice big mirror for you to do a last look over. You can bring different outfits and I will help you choose the best look.  Plan to have a good time.

The professional headshot should put your best face forward while making your look like the professional that you are . Avoid looking unprofessional by putting an amateur image up on social sites. Avoid making a negative impression with badly lit images.  Make sure that the first impression that people see is your best.

Yes, people do judge a book by it's cover,  and  the first impression is your headshot on social media, your website, your media items, and your business.